Saturday, June 16, 2012

Washington Man Saves Bald Eagle (Video)

Normally I would post an article on dogs, but I thought this was important to share.
Especially since this is a Bald Eagle (Our National Bird) and should be treated with respect.
Washington Man Saves Bald Eagle (Video)

Robert Hutton from North Spokane, Washington has admired bald eagles his entire life, collecting figurines of the majestic bird since he was a kid. So when he spotted an injured eagle in the middle of the road, he knew he had to help.
Hutton was driving home from work when he spotted a bald eagle hopping in the road. He pulled over and got the bird into his car, taking it to Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital. It seemed to be ill with an unknown ailment and may also have been hit by a car. But, thanks to Robert, it is now on the mend, and hopes are that it will be able to fly again.
Veterinarian Luther McConnell told ABC News:
The report was that someone saw him get hit by a car, so that was the initial thought. But whether he was sick before he got hit by a car, or whether he did get hit, we don’t know for sure.
We’re treating him for all of the above. He has no fractures and he’s physically ill, so we’re treating him for the shock, fluid loss and infection.
Watch the good news local ABC News report:

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