Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Girl Penny - The Spoiled Hungarian Vizsla)

This is our girl Penny, she is a Hungarian Vizsla and currently she is 8 1/2 years old.
She is the Best and Most Spoiled Dog we have ever had.

I took this photo just yesturday in our backyard, she was watching a bird on the fence.
It was a very nice sunny day and Penny wanted to hang out and get some sun...:-)
She Loves the Sun, sometimes we call her the Sun Dog.

Most people run their lives around their jobs and family, well we run our lives around Penny.
We include her with EVERYTHING we do. This includes shopping and going to the bank, yes there are dog friendly banks. At Dinner time, Penny sits at the table with us and we use a fork and knife to feed her....Yes shw prefers to be fork fed...LOL. We usually give her what we have for dinner, weather its chicken, beef or pasta....she has what we have At the table.

At Bed time,of course she sleeps in the bed with us, no other way would do...not for Penny.
She HAS to be as close to us as possible ALL the time. The Vizsla is also known as the Velcro Dog and Penny sure has lived up to that name.

Pennt is also extremely smart and you can tell when we speak to her, she tries so hard to understand what we tell her and she DOES listen and SHE DOES Understand!

She gives us so much Love and Joy and we feel she is the Best dog in the world!
Our Girl Penny!

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