Thursday, June 28, 2012


My dear dear friends Peggy and Jay have lost their sweet little puppy Harriett.

She managed to slip out of the yard sometime Sunday morning (June 24th) and they have scoured the area but can not locate her

They have inquired at all of the local pet stores and animal hospitals including Selmers, where they got her (her chip is registered there)

They have checked with the highway department and fortunately there have been no reports of a dog matching her description found on the road

But that means there's a good chance someone has her

She is adorable and loveable and could be very tempting for someone to want to keep

But please please please if ANYONE knows ANYTHING of her whereabouts please call

She and her brother Ozzie are Jay and Peggy's heart

And they are devastated.

Please send this to everyone you know

Especially those in the Huntington NY Area that may have a chance of seeing her

She was lost in the area of the FOREST PORK STORE on Jericho Turnpike

Hopefully we can reach enough people and bring her home

She was wearing a pink collar on but no tag

There is a reward - but more importantly - there is a family in heartbreak

Please call Peggy (631) 804-1898 or
Liz (631) 838-0370

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