Tuesday, July 10, 2012

“Just Chase Her into the Basement” – Saving the Neighbor’s Neglected Dog

“Just Chase Her into the Basement” – Saving the Neighbor’s Neglected Dog

Written by Lori Whitney

In 2001, I was asked to watch a neighbor’s dog while they went away for the weekend. I already had a bond with this dog. She was not treated well by her owners and she wasn’t in the best of health. She had a pin in her leg and arthritis in her neck already. I saw she was not treated well and started giving her treats, and water in the summer. When she would see my car coming down the alley, she would jump off the dirty chair she was sitting in and come to see me.
Her owners would put her outside in the hot summer sun, close the door behind them and pay no attention to her. There were times she was put out in the morning, there all afternoon and still there at night, sometimes all through the night until the next day. I could not stand seeing her treated that way.

They Told Me to Just “Chase Her Down into the Basement
When I was asked to watch her for the weekend, I jumped at the offer. I brought her over to my home without their knowledge, and she stayed until I had to take her back. While taking care of her, I found out that they kept her in the basement. They told me not to put on the light and that when I left her, to chase her down into the basement. I was crushed.
Time went by and they were moving. They asked me if I wanted her, because they were going to “take her to the pound” quote, unquote. I already had a dog, cats, a young son and was a single parent. I cried when I thought about what would happen to her if I did not take her. I took her and vowed that I would find her a great home. Well, her great home was my house for the next nine years. She was my very special little girl, a little Princess. I loved her dearly. She passed away in 2010 at a ripe old age. I never was really sure of her age due to her situation but I would guess she was around 14 or 15. She lived a long and happy life. I was honored that I could make her happy, but, just as important, she made me happy. I didn’t rescue her – she rescued me.

Have You Been Rescued Too?
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