Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Memory Of Lennox, Dog Put To Death For Resembling A Pit Bull

In Memory Of Lennox, Dog Put To Death For Resembling A Pit Bull

A determined 22-month long legal battle and a heartfelt social-media campaign for Lennox the dog, came to a sad end on Wednesday. The 7-year-old dog was euthanized in Northern Ireland because his appearance resembled a pit bull terrier, a breed that is banned in the country.

A statement from the Belfast City Council said it had humanely destroyed “one of the most unpredictable and dangerous dogs” that its appointed expert had ever come across. The council said they carried out the court-ordered euthanasia for reasons of public safety and “a sustained campaign of abuse” against city officials from protestors.

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  1. RIP Lennox :((
    His license for the year 2012 issued by the BCC stated that his breed: Bull Dog! So how they justify anything that they did is beyond me! Great post!

  2. Thank You!!
    I still cannot believe the murdered a kind family pet just cause of his looks. He never even bit anyone.
    Im sure Lennox is in heaven having a much better time playing with God.