Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Woman Runs Into Midnight Storm and Brings Dog to Warm Bed

Woman Runs Into Midnight Storm and Brings Dog to Warm Bed

Written by Rebecca Dysievick of Ontario, Canada
While on vacation in Belize, I came across a little dog who was kept behind our rental cabin. She was the owner’s dog and was not shown much love or attention. She was kept tied to a raised shed away from the family with a low sided box to lay in and dirty bowls for food and water. She was half the weight she should have been and absolutely looked depressed.
When approached, she would barely wag her tail and her eyes lacked all happiness. I started saving food from my meals and brought it to her after nightfall when the family wouldn’t see me. When I approached with my flashlight, I could hear her little gums snapping at the hoard of mosquitoes she couldn’t escape from.
One night we had a very strong rain and wind storm. I lay in bed wide awake thinking of her outside. I jumped out of bed, went outside, unhooked her leash and brought her in our cabin for the night. She quietly curled up on the bed and didn’t make a peep. I was smitten and it was so hard to put her back by the shed the next morning, but I didn’t want to anger the owner.

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