Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pit Bulls Declared “Inherently Dangerous” in Maryland

Pit Bulls Declared “Inherently Dangerous” in Maryland

A recent ruling by the Maryland Court of Appeals has declared pit bulls and pit mixes inherently dangerous and has left animal advocates and pit bull supporters worried about the future ramifications of the decision for pit bulls and their owners.

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It seems Maryland is going backwards in the case of knowing and understanding Pit bulls.
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  1. Many dog breeds can be "made" dangerous by man. Pit bulls are a wonderful breed if bred and raised appropriately. In the wrong hands any breed of dog can learn to bite, some due to fear and others because they have been taught to be aggressive. Some people should never be allowed to have a dog.

    1. We feel the same way, ANY dog can be kind or dangerous depending on how the dog is brought up.