Sunday, May 6, 2012

Down by the River: Couple Stops Car to Help Lost Dog

Down by the River: Couple Stops Car to Help Lost Dog

Written by Jessica Painter of Albany, New York
The other night on our way home, we saw what looked like a Rottweiler wandering near the river off the highway between exits 28 & 29 of I90 West. Given that it is not the norm to see a dog down there, we decided to pull off at a small rest stop and investigate. We found a spot where we could get through the fence and go down near the water. Sure enough, it was a Rottweiler. We found his tracks all over the place down there — it looked like he’d been there for a little bit. We called the State Police, who then reached out to the dog warden. Turns out that the dog had been there since the day before. The police officer kept trying to find him but couldn’t.
The dog wouldn’t approach us. He seemed really nervous. So I suggested to my husband Ed that we sit on a log down near the water and ignore him and eventually he would become comfortable enough to approach us. Sure enough, he did. Once he came over, he started whining — almost needy. He took to Ed right away and Ed just kept talking to him and petting him and trying to comfort him. Eventually, he sat right down next to Ed. He didn’t seem to like me much; every time I looked at him, he started growling. That’s okay — I am sure he was just very scared.

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