Thursday, February 23, 2012

Should this eight pound Chihuahua be on a dangerous dog registry?

Today I have 2 stories for you.
The first is about a 8 pound Chihuahua that was put on the Dangerous Dog Registry.
The Other story is about this guy who was woken up by a neighbors dog and decided to gamble on-Line and actually hit a major jackpot!!!

Misha dangerous chihuahua

Barking dog makes man £5.1 million richer

One lucky man in Scotland was awakened during the night by a barking dog. But that isn’t the lucky part.
He is remaining anonymous for now, but it is known that he is a nice guy in his 20’s who lives in a modest flat. Here’s what happened according to a friend:
He was in his house and was woken up one night last week by the sound of a dog barking and couldn’t settle – and so decided to have a go online.
He staked just a pound on a slot machine game, which is like a computer version of a one-armed bandit. He was up to £250 after a few wins in a row. With that, he then went on another game which has this massive jackpot.
After six more spins he’d hit it – and it was £5.1million. ($7.8 million USD)
It only took him a few minutes. He obviously found it pretty difficult getting back to sleep after that. It’s just unbelievable.
He owes it all to that dog – he’d like to meet it and shake its paw.
He was flown by private jet to pick up his cheque and is currently staying with a relative at an unknown place in Scotland while reality sets in and he figures out the rest of his life.
The win is the biggest of its type in UK gambling history and the world’s third largest, according to the UK Daily Record.

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