Wednesday, February 1, 2012

China Continues to be of Concern to Our Pets

Once again, we have more problems with pet food coming from China

Here is a excerpt from this is very disturbing knowing that even after 5 years, China continues to poison and cheat their own people and our pets.

According to the Times article and other sources, China has massive problems feeding its own human citizens safely. So it's reasonable to assume insuring the safety of pet food ingredients for export may not be at the top of their current To-Do list.
And now they can add another problem to the mix – falsely labeled pet food formulas that in some cases do not contain even a trace of animal protein. Meatless dog food masquerading as beef dog food means a certain percentage of family pets aren't getting the nutrition they need to thrive – or the nutrition their owners assume they are providing for their companion animals

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