Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here are 3 good Valentines Day Stories...:-)
Each One, I am sure will make you Smile...:-)

While watching the "Burns & Allen Show" (one of my favorites), I
enjoyed the following (paraphrased) bit:

George: So what did you do today Gracie?

Gracie: I went to the Pet Store.

George: You went to the Pet Store?

Gracie: Yes, I was walking by the Pet Store window and saw all the
cute little puppies, so I knocked on the window to get their attention.

George: And did you get their attention?

Gracie: No, they must not have heard me, so I knocked harder.

George: And then what?

Gracie: Then I went into the Pet Store to pay for the broken window.

George: So then you got to see the puppies.

Gracie: Oh, yes. They were just adorable. There was another woman
in the store admiring them too.

George: Did she get a puppy?

Gracie: No, she said that she had just gotten a puppy recently and
she came into the store because she had a question.

George: What was her question?

Gracie: Well, she said that her new puppy just turned 3 months old
and she wanted to know if it should have bones?

George: And what did you tell her?

Gracie: I told her "Of course it should have bones... how else could
it stand up?"

George: Say goodnight Gracie.

Gracie: Goodnight. Gracie

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