Monday, April 30, 2012

Legendary Rescuer Throws His Body into Traffic to Sheild Dog

Legendary Rescuer Throws His Body into Traffic to Sheild Dog

Here is a story about this guy who crosses 4 lanes of traffic to save this injured elderly dog.

Last year, hero Don Hill became famous overnight for the rescue of 15-year-old Roadie. Don’s extraordinary measures to save the life of this elderly throw away and the love he exuded for the dog brought in tens of thousands of readers and more than 1,000 personal letters to Don from as far away as Afghanistan and Nepal. Don has done it again, and his most recent rescue will leave you breathless.
Written by Don Hill
About 10 weeks ago, I was on my way back from Atlanta to my home in the North Georgia Mountains above the small former gold rush town of Dahlonega, GA. I stopped at a traffic signal for a very busy three-way intersection for three major four lane highways, when on the grass island in the middle of this hectic and dangerous intersection I was horrified to see a German Shepherd Dog who was pacing back and forth on the grass island. Obviously frightened to death, it appeared to be extremely emaciated and was holding up its left hind leg not putting any weight on it or touching it to the ground, leading me to believe the leg had been injured.
My heart was pounding in my chest. I was so scared it was going to run out in to the very heavy traffic before I could do anything and I was going to see it die right there in front of me. My first instinct was to drive my Jeep across the intersection and right up over the curb and onto the grass island and try to save it. My mind suddenly flashed back to Laredo my White German Shepherd Dog who had died at age 13 of a massive stroke, after 10 years with me, just months earlier on September 18th, 2011. Then just as suddenly, my mind was back on this poor dog — terrified, injured and surrounded on all three sides by speeding cars and trucks. I knew if I went with my first instincts there was a good chance my Jeep charging up over the curb and onto the grass traffic island would scare this dog into running out into the traffic.

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  1. I am touched by this story- In 80s I had a similar story driving on a 4 lanes highway and suddenly a beautiful hunt dog crossed fast in front of me - I touched him but I took imediatly the left lane in order of not crushig him - However an idiot portuguese overpassad me by may rigt side (witch is forbiden but portuguese are idiot drivers) I was driving at 90 Km/h - and the traffic allowed NOT me to stop because I woud cause a serious in chane accident - and I realized the tne man who overoassed me by mi right side scrasche tehe poor dog - I felt sick and sick and I was not able to stop (it is forbinem at the highway) - even today I remember too many times why I din't stop to cache the beutifum dog and take him to go to the veterinary - I never can't forget my indecision - I will never forget my attitude - it still hurts me - I still have this paine - It was hunt period in Portugal

    1. Yes, There are alot of crazy drivers here too in ther US, especially in NY. Have to be careful crossing ANY street around here.
      I feel bad for your pain, perhaps if you see another dog or animal that needs to be rescued, you can stop and help them. The more you help another animal, the better you will feel. It might take a while, but just keep an eye out for animals that need help and do what you can...:-)