Friday, April 6, 2012

Idaho Wolf Tortured in Trap

Normally I would post a dog related story...But Not Today.Today I read this email and I was Shocked!
I thought Wolves WERE Protected by our Govt.
According to this story, They ARE Not Protected
For years I have supported the protection of wolves and then I read this story!!!
Please sign the petition to help protect them.

It's been open season -- figuratively and literally -- on wolves since a misguided congressional rider ignored science and took them off the endangered species list. But this latest news takes it a step further. An actual forest service employee was involved in the torture and eventual killing of a wolf by a road in Idaho. »

The wolf was shot multiple times by passersby and suffered in agony until the forest service official stopped by to finish him off. Then he posted a photo online of the spectacle. This cruelty alone deserves an investigation.

But taking a longer view -- wolves are supposed to be conserved like any other game species. But under the guise of protecting the interests of livestock and elk, anti-wolf elements are working to dramatically reduce the number of wolves in the Rockies.

It took years of hard work to reestablish wolves -- and thus restore balance to the Rockies' ecosystem. The species' delisting shouldn't open the doors for the cruel mistreatment and extermination of this important species.

Sign the petition to demand an investigation into the wolf torture incident by the Forest Service and Idaho Department of Fish and Game. »
Idaho Wolf Tortured in Trap

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