Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Bad Treats from China -Dogs getting Sick and Dying!

Here are 2 (two) stories on Bad Chicken Treats from China!!!!
Our country is STILL selling this crap and many dogs are STILL getting Sick and Dying.

1) Owner Sounds Alarm on Risky Dog Treats

2) FDA warns pet owners over dog treats - Houston woman's puppy dies after eating treats

I know this sounds like an advertisement, but if more people would
buy OUR Treats from "To Shea", They would not have gotten sick and or died.
It make me sick to my stomach knowing that the chinese people are poisoning our dogs and they DO NOT CARE. Its ALL about Money to them. They even poisoned their own babies with tainted baby milk. I cvan go on and on about how horrible they are.
PLEASE ONLY buy American Made Products!!!
For my Canadian and Austrailian Friends....Do not buy ANY Pet food from China!!!

Please Visit our Website at
American Made Dog Treats
Thank You

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