Friday, October 28, 2011

Another chance for Dusty, Reilly and Monroe

Another chance for Dusty, Reilly and Monroe

A couple of months ago, a large number of animal welfare advocates from around the country became aware, and upset, that three dogs named Dusty, Reilly and Monroe, were sentenced to death.
The dogs were among several that were rescued from an alleged dog fighting ring in Michigan, was said to have failed his behavioral evaluation and was slated to be killed.
However, the video footage of Dusty's evaluation was made public -- and, upon watching the video, it was pretty much everyone's opinion that Dusty performed admirably.
Last week, the Monroe County Judge overturned the decision toe euthanize the dogs and that the dogs do not pose a threat to public safety.
This is a huge win for the dogs, and win over failed behavior evaluations. Congrats to the folks in Michigan who fought so hard for the dogs and I"m hopeful that the Buster Foundation can get custody of the dogs soon.

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