Monday, October 10, 2011

"Animals Make us Human" a Paper & Video on Dr. Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is a truly exceptional individual. She has "high-
functioning autism", yet she has revolutionized the handling of
animals within the livestock industry and is a doctor of animal
science, an expert on animal behavior. She attributes her ability to
"see" and understand things like animals do to her autism.

In 2010 there was a movie made about her life, starring Claire Danes
as Dr. Grandin.

There are many video's on youtube about her, including her own
interviews and speeches.
She is an author of many books and papers; this is one that is very
interesting - "Animals Are Not Things":

Although the above referenced paper is a short read, be prepared to
spend some time reading some of her other works, as well as watching
videos; she is fascinating.

Here is a great intro video to Dr. Grandin:
"Animals Make Us Human":

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  1. As an animal communicator that has just written a book, I used several of the facts Dr. Grandin put forth in her book. The biggest thing is I am so in awe of this title- it is perfect, and so true!