Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Girl Penny (a Vizsla) Greeting her Mommy

Today I have a bunch of photos showing Penny greeting her Mommy (my Wife)  after she came home from the Post Office. She was only gone for 30 minutes, but I guess in doggy time it seems to be for ever...LOL
There are 13 photos here, so it may take a minute to load.

Here is Penny Waiting or my wife (her Mommy)
Looking very comfy in her bed!

Here is a close up....So Cute!!!

Oh Mommy, I missed Sooooo Much!!!


I'm Never Letting you go out again without me!

Oh There you are Daddy....Can we play now???

Come on Daddy...Lets have some fun NOW!

Look Mommy, Daddy gave me this great stick!!!

This is a great stick....Lets play!!!

This is So much fun Dad....I Love this stick!

Hey, Where are you two going?????

Ok, I guess its time to go inside...I know Mommy has lots of work to do.

Well, that was LOTS of fun....Now I think I clean my feet, Dogs gotta stay clean ya know!

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