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Loving like cats and dogs

Here is a update on stories I have posted in the past.
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Cats and dogs are supposed to be natural enemies. "Fighting like cats and dogs" is a familiar cliché, but two recent stories show that isn’t always the case.
Logan;s kittensReagan, a yellow Lab in Des Moines, Iowa refused to go inside, guarding a bag of Meow Mix in her back yard. Her owner thought it was trash until she opened it and discovered two mewing kittens and the bloody remains of other kittens.
Apparently the bag had been discarded and run over before Reagan rescued them.
After being rejected by all the area shelters, Reagan’s owner contacted the Raccoon Valley Animal Shelter which picked them up. Executive director Linda Blakeley fostered them.
"Reagan protected them," Blakely said. "Her instinct was to nurture."
When they were old enough to be adopted, no one was interested until the story was picked up by an area TV station. Then over 50 applications flooded in. Where have we heard this before? The story
And in Phoenix a Chihuahua and a tabby cat were walking down the street like they were best friends. They were taken to the Arizona Humane society where they were separated into dog area and cat area. But soon it became clear that Lola the Chihuahua was having separation anxiety. She became fearful, a very different dog.
A shelter spokesperson said:
“The minute we brought Logan back and reunited them the demeanor changed completely, she was very friendly and you truly can tell they were the best of friends.”
Normally the Humane Society keeps dogs and cats in completely separate buildings, but when the staff saw how miserable Logan and Lola were apart they gave them their own room together.
Now they are determined to find forever homes for both of them, no matter how long it takes.

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