Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watch Those Chairs with Wheels!

The other day, I sat down in my rolling chair at the dinner table to have dinner.Penny decided to lie down behind me against the cabinet (does this about once or twice a week).
She usually lies down on her bed between me and my wife.
At one point I dropped a piece of food on the floor, so I leaned down to pick it up.
That was a BAD Mistake!!!
The chair since its on wheels, slid out from under me and hit Penny.
I went flying on the floor, bruised but not hurt.
Penny was stuck behind the fallen chair and could not get out!!!!
My wife moved the chair and grapped Penny....she seemed ok.
After examining her carefully, we say that Penny's left eye was slightly cut, but not bad enough to bring her to the Vet (the chair must have hit her face!).
I felt terrible and Penny came over to me wagging her tail as if to tell me she was alright.
I gave her all kinds of treats and extra loving that night.
Penny seems fine now and I will NEVER lean over in my chair!!!

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