Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dog With The Loudest Bark!!!

Here is a dog you might not want to live near
Daz loud barker
Meet Daz.
Daz has the honor of having the world’s loudest bark, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Daz, a white German Shepherd, is a former sniffer dog who belongs to Peter Lucken from the UK. He had to beat out many contenders in a very loud bark off to win the honor.
Daz’s bark was recorded at 108 decibels. That is about the noise level of a chain saw.
You might think that neighbors would be chipping in to buy a dog bark collar. But you would be wrong. Daz isn’t one of those annoying dogs who barks incessantly, infuriating everyone in the vicinity. He is the neighborhood guard, instead of the neighborhood nuisance.
According to one neighbor:
I hear him sometimes when I’m watching television, but he only barks when he hears someone and he’s trying to warn them away.
A dog that barks for no reason is a very poor watchdog, but while Daz is a good watchdog he isn’t exactly a guard dog. According to his owner, when the postal carrier puts letters in his mouth, he drops them to get a hug. Probably the bad guys shouldn’t know about his true nature.

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